Overcoming Yourself

Lorraine Thornhill

My life has been a beautiful experience of many physical, emotional and spiritual elements. I have been given my last rights, have overcome diseases, been blessed with the gift of a child and have known love at the deepest level.  Along my journey I have met people who have inspired, helped and encouraged me to continue moving forward, tell my story and help others to overcome their obstacles and fears.

 I have been offered a vision of opportunities, creating a magnificent outcome through intention and positive beliefs, resulting in amazing and endless possibilities.  

How many times has fear been the reason we have done things other than what we desired or wished we could do?   Fear is an amazingly stubborn emotion that takes over our lives to the point of control.  Fear creates an obstacle that blocks our dreams and ambitions.  Get our of your own way, by understanding what we can do about  these blocks and how to move beyond them.  Live your life by changing fear into passion, learn to overcome our own inhibitions.  

A 12 step program to access our best strengths and overcome what has for so long blocked us. 

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