What Drives (Your) Leadership?

Leadership is all about making a difference. Whether you are interested in brand leadership, business leadership, personal leadership or community leadership, it needs a clarity of vision and purpose in how you make a positive difference in the world around you. 

In this interactive session, we'll do a unique exercise based on the Essential Message D.I.G. Methodology to help you dig down to the core of your vision and purpose. You'll leave with a fresh and powerful understanding of the underlying drivers of the difference you make — and the leadership you offer. You'll find it both personally and professionally empowering! 


About Michel Neray

Michel is the founder of MoMondays a monthly event that blends heart, humour and happiness from personal storytelling. Starting with a single venue in Toronto in 2012, it has expanded to over 12 locations in North America. 

As a consultant and keynote speaker, Michel helps his clients dig down to their ‘Essential Message’. That’s the key to stronger branding, better sales, employee engagement, personal confidence… and world peace. He’s married with three children, two dogs, three snowboards, a whitewater canoe and a black belt in Karate. Get more Michel at www.Neray.com.

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